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Churchill Yacht Partners

Churchill Yacht Partners & Rikki Davis WebsiteChurchill Yachts was one of eyecitemedia’s first clients, it’s been an honor working with them since before eyecitemedia was eyecitemedia.  Churchill Yachts hired an advertising company out of Fort Lauderdale, FL to design a new website for them.  After the design was complete, the design company suggested a web development company for Churchill to work with, they would put the site together from flat images.  Due to the complexity of the site design, this development house was unable to deliver the new website, they said it was impossible.  That’s when they called Rich (eyecite’s president & founder).  After delivering the website exactly how it looked as a flat image, Rich got a call from the original graphic designer, she told him that he was the only person yet who could fully understand, comprehend and transfer one of her design ideas to a functional and working website (round of applause)… (Rich never heard from her again…)


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