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Software and Application Development License Agreement

Any and all software created by eyecitemedia (the licensor) remains the copyrighted and intellectual property of eyecitemedia. The fees charged for software packages are applied to the partial cost of research and development, customization, as well as, the licensing fee*.

The licensor grants full licensing of any and all software package to clients (the licensee) who contract for R&D and licensing. All code and any additional modifications made by the licensor to such code remains the copyrighted and intellectual property of the licensor and is nontransferable without written agreement and consent.

This license agreement authorizes the licensee to have unlimited use of the code for the website for which it was developed while hosting with licensor. The licensee may modify this code only with prior written notification to the licensor. The licensor shall not be responsible for failure of this code if modified by any agent other than the licensor.

The license granted prohibits any transfer or resale of the licensed code by the licensee. All code or any part of such code may be reused and relicensed to multiple licensees only by the licensor. Licensee ownership of code is not implied nor is it applicable.

Any unauthorized use or sale of the licensed code, will be considered a violation of the United States trademark and copyright laws.

*Applicable for years From 2006.